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how to start blogging website and blog in 20 minute

blog in just 17 minutes

So, this is the blog we are going to creat It is going to have your own blog address like this

and then we're going to create this blog posts then we’re going to create this menu

and then we’re also going to create this about me & this follow me section and then we’re going to create this about page and this contact page so that your readers can contact you

Now, everything on this blog is going to be mobile friendly so it’s going to look perfect on any mobile device you use

Before we start, just click the link below the video and this will take you to WebsiteLearners.com

Now the first step is to choose a name for your blog so let’s enter our blog name here

I’m going to keep it as TechyFruit.com and then click check availability

once its available, we can go to the next step which is to get a domain and hosting

so let’s click here and this will take us to GoDaddy.com we’re going to use GoDaddy because

they give the domain for free and also a discount on hosting let’s click get started now just stick with this basic plans this plan is perfect for any type of blog that you want to create just scroll down then select the term as 12 month and then let's scroll and click continue let’s enter the blog address here again which is techyfruitand then click search now click select and continuous just remove this office 365and click proceed to checkout now click create an account and just fill-in your details choose any 4-digit number as your Pind then click create accountnow enter your name and address and choose the payment metholick continue and place your order now, let’s complete the payments, let’s set it up by clicking managed WordPress and then click next then again click next and now let’s enter a username and password for WordPress

this will be used for logging into your blog then click install now, WordPress will be installed once it's done let's click get started and then click no thanks and click ok so now we’re inside this wordpress dashboard this is where you'll be able to control your blog now, when we reach this pageour blog will also be online, let’s quickly check that by logging out from here and now if we enter our blog address and then press enter you can see that our blog is now online.right now, it has this default wordpress lookTo install a new themelet’s login back to our blogYou just need to add /slash login after your blog addressand then press enterenter your username & the password and then click log inso, now we're back to our blogso, just go hereand scroll down to step 3now choose a theme that you likand then click this arrowand download that themes the theme will now be downloaded on your computernow to install this themelet’s go back to our blogand then go to appearanceand click themesnow click add new themand then click upload themnow click browsand select the theme which you've downloadedthen click installand click activatenow let’s view our blogo, as you can see, our blog has a new look now

so, let’s go to this demo sitthe first thing that we’re going to addare these blog postsBlog posts are simply the articles that you post to your blogso, to add your first postlet’s go back to our blogand then go to newand click postnow, let's enter the title for our postand then paste the contentand now let's add a featured imageo a featured image is somethingwhich appears on your blog like thisso to add thatlet’s go back to our blog herend then click set featured imageand then drag & drop an image that you want to useand click set featured imagenow let's publish itand see how it looks

As you can see, we’ve created our first blog postso, this is how you can post articles to your blogNext we’re gonna see how to change the title of our blogright now, we’ve this default titleso to change itlet’s go to customize and then click site identitynow, let’s enter our blog nameand we’ll also add a taglineand then click save & publishso now, we’ve changed the title of our bloget's see how to create this menuso to create this menu

let’s o back to our blogand then click hereand click menusnow let’s click add menuand let’s name this menu as menu1and click create menunow we need to choose where we want our menu to appear on our blogso, I’m gonna select it as main navigation

which will make the menu appear, hereso, let’s click add itemsand first let’s click homand it will be added to the menunext, we'll add a new page called aboutand then we’ll add a page called contactOkay! So, now we have home, about and contact in the menuso, let’s click save and publishand now if you see hereyou can see thatwe’ve added the menu to our blognow, the next item that we’re going to add to our menuis the category pages, what are category pages?If we see in this demo siteand then this post has a small tag called reviewsnow, what this means is thatthis post is under the category of videosand then this post is under the category of reviewsnow, if we add these categories to the menuand when a user clicks videos

it will show all the posts that are under the category of videosthis will make it easy for the user to browse your blogand get the information they needOkay! So, now let's see how we can apply this to our blogo, let's go back to our blog see hereyou can see thatwe do not have any categories, right nowso let’s create them firstso, just click the post that we created beforeand then click edit postnow just click add new categoryand we’ll enter a category called how-toand the click add new categorynow as we’ve added this category, let’s uncheck thisand then click updatenow let’s add 1 more post in a separate categoryso, let’s click add newand let’s enter a title for our new postand then paste the contentand, let’s create a new category called newsand then click add new categorynow, we’ve added the category

now, let's add a featured image

so, just choose the image that you want nd then drag & drop it here

and then click set featured imagenow click publishso, now when we go to appearanceand then click menusand then click categoriesYou can see here that we’ve got the categories that we just createdso just select theand click add to menunow, let’s re-arrange thisand then click save menunow, let’s view our blogso, now you can see here thatwe've added the category pages to the menunow, when a user clicks how-tit will only show the posts that are under how-toso this is how you create categories and add them to the menu

Nextlet's see how to create this about page

Now an about page is important because

it tells the readers about you

so to create this

let's go back

so, previously we created this about page

but we didn't add any content

so let's add the content now

just make sure you’re on this page

and then click edit

now add the content

now to add an image

just click here

now choose the picture that you want to use

and then select the size

I’m gonna keep it as full size

and then click insert into page

now click update

and, then let’s view our page

so, we now have our about page

Next, we’re going to add content to our contact page

so, when we go to our contact page

you can see that, it’s empty right now

so, we’ll add this contact form so that people can contact us

so, in order to create this form

we need to install a plugin

let’s go back to our blog

and then go to our dashboard

and then go to plugins and click add new

and then let’s search for a plugin called Contact Form 7

when you see that, just click install now

nd then click activate

now a new menu item will be added here as Contact

so, just click that

you’ll see this default contact form there

and next to which you’ll find this short code

so, just select that

and copy the code

and then go to pages

and then click edit under contact

and then paste that code here

now click update

and now let’s view our page

so, now we have our Contact form

now whenever a user fills out this form and clicks send

Now, the next item that we’re going to add to our blog

is the social sharing buttons

so, these buttons will make it easy for your readers to share your articles

so, to add that

let’s go back to our blog

and then go to dashboard

and then go to plugins and click add new

now let’s search for a plugin called Social by Danny

when you find it

just click install now

so that's it

the button will now be added

so, let’s check that by going back to our blog

and then click any of our blog posts

and now when you scroll down

you can see that we’ve now added the social sharing buttons

now when we click here

we can now share this post on Facebook

Next we’re going to see

how to add these social media links

Now, these links will help your readers to find you on social media sites

so, to add that

let’s go back to our blog

and then click customize

and go to menus

now, let’s create a new menu for our social media links

so, just click here

and let’s name it as social

and then click create menu

now, choose the location as social menu

and then click add items

now go to custom links

and then enter the social media links

which you want to add

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