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How to rank your website Google things search console first ranking

How to rank your website on Google Search:- website and you want to rank website on Google your site is not ok you know how to bring your website in Google search results so in this video we are going to see how to do SEO for your website and get your website to appear on the Google search results and in this video we will also see how to rank your website for the search terms you want what's up Google what is Google

how to way promote your website

Google what users to find what they are looking for it want to show the best content to end users because they also the problem of the user Find what people are searching for what people are searching for should I do that this good Google now I think what your business is about running a coffee shop just enter that

how to promote business website for the Google search console first ranking simple steps

into Google and as soon as you type that you can find what people are searching for related to coffee shops you want to eat this people to find more than search by then this press the down arrow and select that you would and now if you press base you can find even Motors source by the people now showing this results because it has been such a good number of people so want you find what people are searching for next

Target a right audience

you need to choose the people who you want to reach you can pick any set of users you want and send it to these users to search for the best coffee shops in Mumbai audience next you need to find out what this user might be looking for so to find out what the users looking for everything about if someone searches for this what exactly are they looking for in this case there is a clearly trying to find the best coffee shops to visit in the Mumbai area I want to find out what you're looking for would be less than which is to create content for this user does Google wants us to find what you are looking for in order to rank on google you need to create content on your website with answers the user's question send text you can create the content to create intent with go to a website no this is a site which I have built with WordPress No if you don't have a website you can easily create one by watching this video how to create an IT let's go to you and the post and now it will take to this page first we need to enter a title for a content now we are creating content for the people looking for best coffee shops in Mumbai list under the title as the best coffee shops in Mumbai 12 the interview title next you need to add the content which answers are used in the use and tried to find the best coffee shops in the Mumbai area and Birthday list of the best coffee shops in Mumbai the 10 added to that it to make a sentence easy to be letterhead just select the DB you want at the ready and then click here and you study the same way we will do it for all the headings Drop it where you want to add it and then 

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